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#11 – Lali and Paul Miles, Food Walks of Texas

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  • 2021
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Lali Miles, the founder of Food Walks of Texas. Food has always been a love of Lali’s throughout her life as a result of the many locales she has lived in and visited around the globe. Whether it was starting a summer cupcake catering business, competing (and winning!) in local ice cream crank-off contests, obsessing over a celebrity chef or taking culinary courses to gain more knowledge and hone her skills in the kitchen.  Tall Paul Miles, Co-Founder of Food Walks of Texas.  Paul loves to eat food – especially the food Lali prepares – and as such is the ideal Co-Founder. He has a passion for both history and meeting people, and never met anyone he didn’t enjoy having a conversation with about any topic. Paul has traveled extensively around the world, tasting an exotic and wide array of foods, providing him with an appreciation for culinary diversity and the enjoyment that accompanies these experiences.

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