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#13 – Danny Gallagher – Writer, Comedian, and Reporter

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  • 2021
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Danny Gallagher is a writer, comedian, reporter and show producer in Dallas. He writes entertainment and culture stories for The Dallas Observer and he’s written stories for places like CNET, Esquire, Cracked, Retro Gamer Magazine, Maxim, MTV Online and many others.

He’s written material for comedy video games for studios such as Jackbox Games and Snap Finger Click. He created his own web comic strip called This is Not Normal (thisisnotnormalcomic.tumblr.com).

He also produces, writes and stars in live comedy troupe shows including the Folding Chairs Comedy Troupe and the Mocky Horror Picture Show and the weekly Twitch comedy podcast The Live Matching Game.

He can be found online at dannygallagher.net as well and apologizes for not keeping this short.

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You can connect with Nathan via Instagram.

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