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#21 – Storm Chaser Chelsea Burnett

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  • 2021

Chelsea Burnett is a public speaker/photographer/storm-chaser with Texas Storm Chasers.

She is an Oklahoma native with lifelong severe weather experiences ranging from toddlerhood window-watching to chasing across the US every season. Chelsea’s chase career began in 2011, shortly after meeting other members of Texas Storm Chasers.

She has witnessed 32 tornadoes (and counting!), from 5-second EF0s to 90- minute EF4s. On-screen appearances include “Texas Madness” episodes featured on Germany’s TAFF network, and web-based storm-chasing series “Season of the Storm”.

Published article appearances include Dallas Voyage’s “Dallas City Guide”, “Shoutout DFW”, and “Partner Spotlight”. Chelsea spends her personal time with her fellow storm-chaser spouse Adam Lucio of Illinois Storm Chasers, and her school-age son Marshall, traveling the US visiting state & national parks, hiking, camping, and of course storm chasing at every opportunity.

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